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See the Cygnet Difference! published: Monday, June 11, 2018

Certified Stainless Steel

Cygnet Stainless products are created from the highest quality certified 304 18/10 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel for outstanding consistency and lasting durability.

Responsible Manufacturing

Cygnet Stainless sinks and faucets are manufactured in state of the the art ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities utilizing the latest machinery and fabrication practices.

UPC Code Certified

Cygnet finished products are independantly certified by IAPMO R&T to comply with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and the National Plumbing Code of Canada.

Drawn and Welded, not Annealed

Individually drawn bowls welded together produce a heavier and quieter sink with less stress, fewer stretch marks, and less chrome nickel loss than single piece annealed sinks.

Lead Free Healthy Choice Faucets™

Cygnet faucets are cast from solid 304 stainless steel and certified to meet the NSF/ANSI 61 lead free standard, you are making the healthy choice with a Cygnet faucet.

The Value of Quality

Quality is often undervalued, especially when it comes to stainless steel sinks. The sink is the final custom finishing touch to your countertops. Make a choice that will last.

Features of Infinity Series Stainless Faucets

  • Solid Stainless Steel, so they are heavy duty and are built to last as long as the granite.
  • On/Off handle is forward motion only, so there is no interference with backsplash.
  • New swivel top hose with quieter, long lasting design.
  • Lead-free. Not just meet the code but truly lead-free.
  • Faucets are sand cast stainless steel, so all components match. Many other brands' faucets have more than one color tone.
  • Excellent color match to the Infinity and Decora Series stainless steel sinks.
  • Solid Stainless means no finish to come off, and minor scratches can be buffed and repaired.
  • Spring retraction system so there is no weight to bang on plumbing or hang up on items stored under the sink.
  • Popular styles
  • Soap dispenser with longer spout, so it does not drip on granite or rundown sink.
  • Parts are easy to replace if necessary.

Features of Infinity Series Stainless Steel Sinks

  • Infinity Series sinks are drawn from Certified 304 stainless steel, which is appliance grade steel that will match appliances. Many sinks are made of 301 steel, which contains less chromium and less nickel, so the sinks are not as bright and the finish will turn dull quickly.
  • Infinity Series sinks are individually drawn and welded, so all sides are equal. This process also makes the sink heavier, so it is quieter.
  • The finishing process is fully automated for consistency.
  • Eco-Friendly bottom coating.
  • Infinity Series sinks are certified by an independent lab to meet all major model codes. Many brands do not meet building codes.
  • Infinity Series sinks have an exclusive thermal pad on the bottom.
  • Infinity Series sinks have sound reduction technology from the automotive industry instead of smelly sound pads made from recycled tires.
  • All sinks are labeled, and we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty on the finish.

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